adjustment of sherman tank engine

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workshop CYKLO is a little company specialising in repair and restoration of electric equipment for vintage cars and motorcycles and suply parts for this equipment.
What can we do for you?

Our company had been set up in 1997 after 10 years experiences in repairing vintage motorcycles (for myself and my friends).We gained experiences in repairing of vintage elektric on our local market and by works for our client from the neighbouring country: German, Czech, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus.
We can rise from ruin most of delivered for restaration devices. A lot of electrik devices delivered from East Europe are extremly demaged by alterig, so we have to menage with difficulties like this.
For another pasionats who like to repair their electric by themselves we support professional help:
oldtimer elektryk
We also since 8 years produce elektronic regulators for 6V Bosch genetators, which are used in most of Bosch generators for motorcycles repairing in our workshop.